The Fundraising Team

The Fundraising Team

The Exmouth Lifeboat Fundraising Team

The Exmouth Lifeboat Fundraising Team is a local network of volunteers dedicated to raising funds for the RNLI, through events such as flag days, coffee mornings, open days and many more.

The team helped raise over £150,000 with the help of public support during an appeal towards a proportion of the cost of the Shannon launch and recovery system in 18 months.

The committee, lead by Chair, Rory Carrig meets approximately 10 times a year, on a weekday evening at the boathouse on Queens Drive. The AGM is held at the Exe Sailing Club in April or May each year and is open to members of the public.

Our fundraising and shop volunteers also take part in outside events to raise our charity’s profile in the community.

Information about forthcoming events can be seen here.