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Exmouth RNLI assist with broken down vessel

Exmouth RNLI assist with broken down vessel

Exmouth RNLI’s volunteer lifesavers were tasked to assist Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat with a broken down vessel this evening.

At 6.39pm on Monday 5th June 2023, H.M. Coastguard tasked the volunteer crew of Exmouth RNLI all weather lifeboat 13-03 R & J Welburn to assist Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat with a yacht in difficulty off Sidmouth. The launch was authorised by Deputy Launch Authority, Rob Vince. Sea conditions were fair, weather and visibility good.

Exmouth RNLI rescue the yacht. Credit: Chris Sims,Henry Thomas,Geoff Mills,Ed Steele,Dougie Wright

The lifeboat, crewed by the charity’s volunteers. Coxswain, Steve Hockings-Thompson, Roger Jackson, Guy Munnings, Harry Griffin, Ed Steele and Geoff Mills launched at 6.52pm and made their way to the location of the vessel that had encountered engine difficulties and was taking on water. They liaised with their Sidmouth colleagues and took the boat in tow to Exmouth Marina, escorted by the Sidmouth lifeboat.

At 8.49pm the Exmouth RNLI relief inshore lifeboat D-792 Marie Theresa Bertha Barrass, crewed by volunteer lifesavers James Edge, Dougie Wright and Jake Richards, on what was Jake’s first live rescue as a crew member, launched on service. They assisted in bringing the casualty vessel to the safety of Exmouth Marina.

First live rescue for crew volunteer, Jake Richards. Image : Ed Steele

Other Exmouth RNLI volunteers involved were Head Launcher, Mark Sansom, Tractor Driver, Robert Thompson, with shore crew Henry Thomas, Jake Butt, Debra Quine, Ashley Palmer-Robinson and Dougie Wright.

The casualty arrived at Exmouth Marina at 9.20pm where the Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team were on standby to give safety advice. Once the vessel and its occupant were safe and secure, H.M. Coastguard stood down both lifeboats at 9.40pm.

RNLI safety advice regarding boating safety can be found here :


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