Articles Exmouth RNLI respond to two reported emergencies

Exmouth RNLI respond to two reported emergencies

Exmouth RNLI respond to two reported emergencies

At 9.10pm on Tuesday 24 August 2021, H.M. Coastguard tasked Exmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat D-805 George Bearman II to attend a report of flashing lights seen close to the cliffs between Orcombe Point and Sandy Bay, Exmouth.

The charity’s lifeboat launched at 9.13pm with volunteer crew, David Preece, Harry Griffin, James Edge and Ed Thomas. Other volunteers assisting in the tasking were James Searle, Rory Carrig, Robert Thompson, Nick Wright, Ed Steele and Chris Sims.   

Exmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat attends the report of flashing lights. Credit : Chris Sims / RNLI

The RNLI lifesavers immediately made their way to the last reported sighting of the flashes arriving there 5 minutes later where it was quickly established that they were torches of individuals fishing on the beach at that location and no one was in danger.  The RNLI inshore vessel returned to Exmouth Lifeboat Station where it was back on service by 9.50pm.

At 7.39pm yesterday, Wednesday 25 August 2021, the same lifeboat was launched following a tasking request by H.M. Coastguard to attend a report of two paddleboarders caught in a rip current off Exmouth seafront.

The inshore lifeboat launched immediately by RNLI crew volunteers: Helm, Henry Mock, Ed Steele and Geoff Mills. Launch and shore crew were Karl Halford, John Dinsdale, Nick Wright and Rory Carrig.

The lifeboat made its way to the scene but was stood down minutes later when it was established that the two casualties had received assistance from a passing vessel and were no longer in need of rescue. The lifesavers returned to Exmouth RNLI lifeboat station where the lifeboat was made ready for service a short time later.

Detailed RNLI advice on rip currents and how to spot and avoid them can be found here :


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