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Henry Christopher Squire 

Coxswain 1897 – 1903

Coxswain on two Lifeboats:

Joseph Somes

Joseph Somes 2

Born October 1850

Died March 14th, 1907 on duty

Married with 11 children

At this time, the lifeboats in their carriages were pulled to the sea by horses.  The horses were kept at  Rowlands Farm, in fields where this building stands, and which are now Exmouth Cricket Club and Madeira Bowls Club.

When the farm closed, the horses were transferred to sheds in Tower Street.

In January 1903 the 92 ton ‘Cardigan’ of Cardiff, stuck on the bottom and listed in heavy seas.  As the lifeboat drew alongside, the 4 crew, including the Captain, jumped in, but Coxswain Squire persuaded them to return to the vessel with 2 of his lifeboat crew.  The lifeboat passed a tow line to a steam tug and the schooner was towed safely to harbour, saving the vessel and 4 lives.

In 1903, a new, bigger boathouse was built on the site of the old one, to accommodate the larger ‘Joseph Somes 2’.  This building later housed Exmouth’s inshore rescue lifeboat and is now Exmouth Rowing Club.

Following RNLI rules, Coxswain Squire and his crew regularly launched for training sessions.  Tragedy struck on two of these exercises.  This was a sad time for Exmouth RNLI.

On 9th August 1905 after firing the maroons to call the crew, Signalman FH Horne set off for home, but sadly was later found under trees near the Lifeboat Station, having suffered a fatal heart attack on his way home.  A local fund was set up for his dependants, the RNLI contributing £15

Then on 14th March 1907, whilst preparing the lifeboat for launch, coxswain Squire collapsed and died.  The Committee of Management voted to award his dependants £150 and “ Sympathy and condolence be addressed to his widow”


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