Articles Exmouth RNLI assist with injured windsurfer

Exmouth RNLI assist with injured windsurfer

Exmouth RNLI assist with injured windsurfer

The volunteer crew of Exmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat discovered an injured windsurfer during an exercise this afternoon off Exmouth Beach.

At about 2pm today, Saturday 7 November 2020, whilst engaged in an exercise on Exmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat, D-755 Peggy-D, the volunteer lifesaving crew came across a windsurfer who appeared to be struggling against the tide.

The lifeboat was manned by Helm, Harry Griffin and crew Mark Cockman and new crew volunteer Dougie Wright, in what was his first lifesaving assignment.

Exmouth Inshore Lifeboat

The lifeboat had been launched a short time earlier by shorecrew Robert Thompson and John Dinsdale on a preplanned exercise when the lifesavers spotted the individual in difficulty in the sea some distance off Exmouth Lifeboat Station.

Due to the circumstances and location, the crew were on the scene immediately where they discovered the individual had dislocated his shoulder. They took the casualty on board, administered first aid and transported him to the safety of shore. Once on land the casualty was able to put his shoulder back in place without further medical or other aid, at which point the lifeboat resumed its exercise.


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