Articles Exmouth RNLI deal with boat run aground

Exmouth RNLI deal with boat run aground

Exmouth RNLI deal with boat run aground

Exmouth RNLI lifesavers went to assess a report of a boat run aground on the River Exe this afternoon.

 At 2.26pm today, Friday 18 November 2022 the crew of Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat D-805 George Bearman II were tasked by H.M. Coastguard to assess the situation of a broken down speedboat run aground at Great Bull Hill on the River Exe.  

Exmouth RNLI lifesavers race to the scene

The volunteer crew, led by Helm, Henry Mock and crew James Edge and Ed Thomas launched on service at 2.34pm and were with the casualty vessel by 2.40pm. They assessed the situation and discovered there were two individuals with the vessel who had used a dingy to make several unsuccessful attempts to tow and re-float it against difficult weather conditions.

The lifesavers decided that the boat was a hazard to other water users and towed the boat and its occupants to the safety of shore. No one was injured or required medical attention and at 3.15pm the volunteer lifesavers stood down from the tasking.  

Helm, Henry Mock, said “The speedboat had run aground on the river and its occupants had made several attempts to re-float it. Despite their best efforts, this was unsuccessful and myself and my crew were very happy to help tow off the vessel, that was a safety hazard to other water users, to a place of safety.”

Exmouth RNLI crew involved were :

Deputy Launch Authority : Rick Newcombe

Inshore Lifeboat : Helm, Henry Mock. Crew, James Edge and Ed Thomas

Tractor Driver, James Searle. Head Launcher, Scott Ranft. Shorecrew : Becky Barnett, Chris Sims, Charles Swales and Ed Steele.