Articles Exmouth RNLI face deficit in lifesaving donations

Exmouth RNLI face deficit in lifesaving donations

Exmouth RNLI face deficit in lifesaving donations

Exmouth RNLI are facing a significant deficit after being hit by a wave that no-one expected.

The Covid pandemic and related lockdown regulations had a major effect on the receipts coming into Exmouth RNLI during 2020, with the overall fundraising branch surplus falling by around 70% over the previous year. Donations from individuals, groups, businesses, in memoriam donations etc., made to the local lifesaving charity have reduced noticeably as well as collection box income.

Scheduled public street collections did not take place due to the withdrawal of permits last year and the charity was unable to undertake any of their scheduled fundraising events, including the popular Lifeboat Station Open Day, the Maer Rocks Festival, Sea Sunday, Fireworks Display and the Christmas Carol service.

Chair of the Exmouth RNLI Fundraising Committee, Des White, said “All of us are facing unprecedented times and we have seen a huge impact on our volunteers ability to fundraise locally and its having an serious impact on our finances. I especially want to pay tribute to our local supporters, volunteers and staff as, even in this most difficult period, our dedicated lifeboat crew here in Exmouth, along with all those who support them, continue to ensure our vital search and rescue facility remains on service, ready round the clock to save anyone in trouble at sea. They need people’s support more than ever during this crisis.”

Despite the pandemic Exmouth RNLI volunteer crew have remained fully operational and during 2020 attended 52 emergencies involving the inshore lifeboat and 27 with the all weather boat.

Anyone wishing to help raise funds or make a donation to the local volunteer charity that saves lives at sea may do so by contacting Des at :