Articles Exmouth RNLI lifeboat called to rescue paddle boarder

Exmouth RNLI lifeboat called to rescue paddle boarder

Exmouth RNLI lifeboat called to rescue paddle boarder

At 2.11pm today Friday 4th March 2022, the volunteer crew of Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat D-805 George Bearman II were tasked by H.M. Coastguard to conduct a search in the area off Orcombe Point, Exmouth following a report of an exhausted paddle boarder drifting out to sea in an easterly direction. The volunteer lifesavers were assisted in the tasking by Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team.

The charity’s lifeboat, commanded by Helm, Charles Swales, and crew Geoff Mills and Nick Wright, launched at 2.23pm and immediately commenced a search in the defined area.

Exmouth Inshore Lifeboat launches to the rescue

A further report at 2.32pm positioned the casualty at approximately 50 yards off Sandy Bay.

At 2.35pm further information was received from the paddle boarder, who had his mobile phone with him, that he had made his own way ashore on Sandy Bay and required no further assistance.

Other Exmouth RNLI volunteers involved in the tasking were Deputy Launch Authority, Rick Newcombe, and Shore Crew, Karl Halford, Ed Thomas and Steve Woodbridge.  

Route taken by Exmouth Lifeboat Courtesy : My Ship Tracking / Google

On completion of the assignment the lifeboat returned to Exmouth Lifeboat Station and was back on service by 3pm.

RNLI Safety advice to paddle boarders is :

  1. Always go with a friend
  2. Tell someone where you are going and expected to return
  3. Take your phone in a waterproof pouch
  4. Check the weather forecast and avoid offshore winds

Additional safety advice can be found here :