Articles Exmouth RNLI report successful Mayday Campaign

Exmouth RNLI report successful Mayday Campaign

Exmouth RNLI report successful Mayday Campaign

Despite Covid restrictions, Exmouth RNLI have reported a ‘very successful’ RNLI MayDay Mile Campaign for 2021.

Exmouth RNLI were pleased to report an incredible response to the annual RNLI MayDay Mile initiative this year. The national campaign run by the lifesaving charity each year in May attracts a large number of supporters who, across the UK and Ireland, are invited to complete a sponsored mile by walking, running or even taking part virtually at home.

In all, four fundraisers were staged in Exmouth for the RNLI initiative during the month with a total raised to date of £5,843.

Kicking off the fundraiser on 15 May 2021, Exmouth RNLI Crew members Dougie Wright and Geoff Mills, not content with completing just a mile, took on the gigantuan challenge of completing a 72 kilometre relay between them, representing one kilometre for every emergency the local lifesaving charity attended during 2020. They raised £4,000.

You can still donate to their fundraiser here :

Exmouth RNLI Volunteer Crew Geoff Mills (L) and Dougie Wright ® complete the ’72 for 72’ MayDay Challenge

On 23 May 2021, Staff from the Salterton Road Tesco Supermarket ran a range of distances from Exmouth Lifeboat Station that, together with a Bucket Collection at the Store, collected an amazing £380 for the charity.

Staff from Exmouth Tesco complete the challenge

Sunday 30 May 2021 saw two of our very youngest supporters, Ivie Simkiss-Cowtan, aged 3 from Exeter, and her cousin Isla Cowtan, aged 5 from Worcester, successfully completing a MayDay Mile along Exmouth Seafront. To date, the determined youngsters have raised an amazing £1,030 for the campaign.

You can help them raise even more by visiting their official RNLI fundraising page here :

Isla and Ivie coming up to the finish line. Credit : Des White / Exmouth RNLI

And to complete the fundraising month, Exmouth RNLI Fundraising Chairman, Des White, took it upon himself to raise much needed funds in his own ‘at least a mile a day’ challenge, completing an incredible 201 miles during May and raising £416.

Please help Des to raise more funds for the RNLI through his official fundraising website :

Exmouth RNLI Fundraising Chair Des White completes 201 miles

Des said, “It’s been quite an amazing effort by our supporters to raise such a fantastic sum for our lifesaving charity with quite a range of imaginative and difficult challenges this year. From our two courageous crew members, Dougie Wright and Geoff Mills completing a remarkable 72 kilometres, to our two youngest supporters, Ivie Simkiss-Cowtan and Isla Cowtan completing a mile – a very long way for two so young – and the great support of staff at our towns Tesco store. On behalf of Exmouth RNLI I would like to thank all those who took part in this fundraising initiative and those who gave so generously in support of the RNLI. It’s been a difficult year for the charity and we really are extremely grateful to all those who helped make this a very successful event for Exmouth.”

To date the funds raised for the charity that saves lives at sea are as follows :

Exmouth RNLI Crew Dougie Wright & Geoff Mills ’72 for 72km’ relay : £4,000

Ivie & Isla’s MayDay Mile                                                                                 : £1,047

Exmouth Tesco MayDay Fun Run                                                                 :  £  380

Des White, Exmouth RNLI Fundraising Chair ‘at least a mile a day’    : £  416

Total                                                                                                                     £5,843


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