Articles Exmouth RNLI respond to Mayday call

Exmouth RNLI respond to Mayday call

Exmouth RNLI respond to Mayday call

Exmouth RNLI volunteers launched their all weather lifeboat this evening following a mayday call from a yacht reporting a man fallen overboard.

At 7.53pm today, Thursday 13th July 2023, H.M. Coastguard requested the launch of Exmouth RNLI all weather Shannon lifeboat 13-03 R & J Welburn following a report that a man had fallen overboard from a sailing vessel 2 miles south of Exmouth. The launch was authorised by Deputy Launch Authority, Dave Ashman.

Exmouth RNLI all weather lifeboat launches to the rescue. Credit : John Thorogood / RNLI

The lifeboat, commanded by Deputy Coxswain Roger Jackson and volunteer crew Mark Sansom, Ed Thomas, Tim Barnes, Roger Moore and Geoff Mills, launched at 8.01pm and quickly made their way to the last known location of the incident.  En route the lifeboat crew was informed that the man had been safely recovered to the yacht. The lifesavers made contact with the vessel and the casualty who did not require any further assistance.

Satisfied that the vessel and its occupants were safe and secure, H.M. Coastguard cancelled the mayday and stood down the lifeboat crew from the tasking. 

The all weather lifeboat returned to Exmouth Lifeboat Station where it was back on service a short time later.

Detailed RNLI advice on yacht safety and motorboating can be found here :


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