Articles Sea Safety Messages – April 2010

Sea Safety Messages – April 2010

Sea Safety Messages – April 2010

As the RNLI release their sea safety messages this week, Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat was tasked three times by Brixham Coastguards in the last four days.

On Thursday 15th April, following a call from a member of the public, Brixham Coastguards tasked Exmouth RNLI to three young people, two male and one female, that had become cut off by the incoming tide and were stranded on Pole Sands. The casualties had apparently got off the train at Dawlish and thought they could walk across the sands to Exmouth. The teenagers were given safety advice and taken to Exmouth.

Later that day at 5.50pm, the inshore lifeboat was back out to aid a Jetskier who had broken down and was attempting to get help using a hand held flare. Kevin Riley, Lifeboat Operations Manager said; “It was good that the Jetskier had the foresight to take with him a method of alerting people if he got in to difficulties as, in this case, he was easily spotted.”

On Sunday, 18th April at 12.56, the inshore lifeboat crew was once again tasked by Brixham Coastguards. This time to investigate a report of a possible man overboard when a small tender was found drifting by a passing yacht. The crew carried out a search of the area and the owner was located safe and well was aboard his yacht near Cockwood. The owner had gone out to work on his boat but when the tender had come adrift had no means of alerting anyone as he had no mobile phone or VHF radio.

The RNLI has the following sea safety messages:

1. A lifejacket is useless unless worn – make sure you fit yours correctly
2. Get some training – know how to handle your boat and be confident in your own abilities
3. Check your engine and carry spares
4. Check the weather and tides before going afloat
5. Carry a means of calling for help like a VHF radio or flares
6. Tell others where you’re going and when you expect to be back


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