Articles Brownies lend a hand to support Exmouth RNLI

Brownies lend a hand to support Exmouth RNLI

Brownies lend a hand to support Exmouth RNLI

On the evening of 21 May, Exmouth RNLI volunteers hosted 20 Brownies from 1st Woodbury Brownie pack. The girls had raised £294.20 for their local lifeboat station in a very unusual way.

The girls arrived in good time to see the new Shannon class R and J Welburn being recovered after a day’s training. After photographs were taken, Exmouth RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Operations Manager, Kevin Riley showed the young girl guides around the lifeboat station.

Brown Owl, Rachael Fairclough explains how their interest in the charity that saves lives at sea, came about;

‘The trip followed a visit from RNLI Education Presenter, John Wood who came to our Brownie hut to tell us a bit about what the RNLI did and about staying safe in the sea. We then decided to carry out a sponsored ‘backwards night’ to raise some funds for what we felt was an important cause. All the girls turned up with their uniforms on backwards, some with ponytails on their foreheads! We began the evening with our closing song, then we carried out backwards relay races, learning the Brownie promise backwards, a backwards alphabet competition and then finished by taking the Brownie register and news. Each girl decorated their sponsor forms and gave prizes for those who collected £5, £10 and £20.

‘In total, we raised £294.20 which was handed over at our visit to Exmouth RNLI. We all had a brilliant time and the volunteers at the station were very accommodating. Kevin explained everything very well and managed to keep the girls’ attention for the whole visit.’