Articles Exmouth RNLI assist two exhausted sailors in Lyme Bay

Exmouth RNLI assist two exhausted sailors in Lyme Bay

Exmouth RNLI assist two exhausted sailors in Lyme Bay

On 27 August at 10am, Shannon class lifeboatR and J Welburn launched amid choppy conditions to assist two sailors in difficulty, six miles east of Straight Point.

The two sailors were making their way across Lyme Bay when they became increasingly tired during the previous evening and had anchored off Budleigh Salterton. The casualties contacted Portland Coastguard to advise them of their state of health and mechanical issues. A decision was made at 9.43am to task the Shannon class lifeboat R and J Welburn to assist the men, as they were unable to continue due to tiredness and fatigue.

On scene within 25 minutes, Deputy Coxswain Roger Jackson assessed the situation and decided to put two of Exmouth RNLI’s most experienced Crew volunteers aboard to assist the casualties to Exmouth Marina. The remaining four Crew volunteers remained aboard the Shannon class lifeboat and escorted the yacht to safety.

Mark Sansom, volunteer Second Mechanic helped sail the yacht into the Marina;

‘We realised that their engine was too underpowered for the rough conditions and the casualties were exhausted. We brought the casualty drogue with us to stop the vessel from broaching, due to the size of the following sea. The sailors wisely kept the Coastguard updated, which led to the launching of Exmouth Lifeboat and prevented the situation deteriorating more. The two men were very grateful of our assistance and were looking forward to something to eat and lots of rest.’


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