Articles Exmouth RNLI receive cheque from city moose

Exmouth RNLI receive cheque from city moose

Exmouth RNLI receive cheque from city moose

Four members of the Moose International City of Exeter Lodge presented Exmouth RNLI with a cheque for £500 on 16 February. Volunteer Deputy Launching Authority, Dave Ashman gave up his Saturday morning to show the visitors around the boathouse.

The visitors were members of the civic affairs committee of the Lodge number 24 in the city of Exeter. Just like the volunteer lifeboat crew, the group are committed to working in all weathers. These fundraisers collect money from a charity car park in the city on the first Sunday of every month. The committee only raise money for local charities and on this occasion chose to donate their fundraising to the launch and recovery appeal at Exmouth RNLI. The vehicle is needed to launch and recover the new Shannon-class lifeboat expected at Exmouth by early 2014.

RNLI volunteer Dave showed the foursome both the all-weather Mersey-class lifeboat, Margaret Jean and the inshore D-class lifeboat, George Bearman. Visitor Dave Backway commented;

‘It was fascinating hearing about the history of the station and I certainly didn’t appreciate the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes.’

To book a visit to the Exmouth RNLI boathouse, please read here.


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