Articles RNLI Chairman’s visit to Exmouth Lifeboat Station

RNLI Chairman’s visit to Exmouth Lifeboat Station

RNLI Chairman’s visit to Exmouth Lifeboat Station

On Thursday 20 March, the Chairman of the RNLI took time out of his busy schedule to visit our station and meet our volunteers.

Our volunteer tractor drivers were in the middle of their intensive launch & recovery vehicle training at the time, so it was a good opportunity to show Charles the new addition to our fleet. And he couldn’t resist a drive along the beach!

Today, we have received a thank you card from him. He writes;

Dear All,

The highlight of my visit to your station was not the unexpected opportunity to drive the amazing new launch and recovery vehicle, enjoyable though this was. No, it was the obvious pleasure and appreciation of the facilities and equipment we have been able to provide. What I now call the ‘Shannon Smile’ was evident as you prepare for the new arrival. As only the second station to receive this versatile new class of lifeboat, we will all learn a lot from your experience which will help us develop new ways of operating and especially training crews and shore helpers at future stations that replace their Merseys with a Shannon.

All of this is nothing more than you deserve to be able to continue the good work. With a heritage longer than the Institution itself, you are the past, the present and especially the future success of the RNLI as we approach our own bicentenary in ten years’ time.

Many, many thanks to all who turned out to give me such a warm welcome and thank you for your outstanding commitment to this wonderful organisation.

Kind regards,


Charles meets our volunteer tractor drivers



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